Viva La Costa Offroad Adventures

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About Viva La Costa Off-Road Adventures

How this whole venture started….

We were a family with a 4-year-old little girl, looking for adventure in Costa Rica. We wanted to “see the sights”, we wanted excitement, but above all, we wanted safety. After many mediocre tours, with unsafe, unmaintained equipment we kept day dreaming of how we could do this better. Finally, here we are! Daydreams have become reality and we are Viva La Costa Offroad Adventures! We have a state of the art warehouse to store and maintain our new off-road vehicles. We have more amenities than anyone else dreamed of offering. (see booking for details) Tour with us using one of our brand new Tomcars or our new 2018 Honda 420 4x4 fully automatic Quads. Trust us, don’t waste your time and money with other tours using cheap plastic unsanitary helmets, vehicles with balding tires, or unmaintained, unsafe equipment.

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